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Replace Disk in Raid 1

Bruno Briones Carranza
Occasional Contributor

Replace Disk in Raid 1

I need to replace a disc that this in raid 1, problem is that the capacity of discs is of 9 gb, and new them disc is of 18 gb.

as I can replace discs, without losing my information

the raid 1, is my Os


Bruno Briones
Honored Contributor

Re: Replace Disk in Raid 1

Hi Bruno,

just making sure I understand your problem correctly, I rephrase it as below:
You have a sytem with RAID 1 (logical drive)and this is where your system partition resides. The original disk is 9gb and you would like it to replace it with 18gb.

My comments:
1. Could you please mention the server model. I would say most likely your server/controller does support hot-pluggable drives. Hence, you could replace the failed disk with the replacement disk any time you like without the need to shut down the system.If it is only a replacement of a failed drive you should not lose any data.

2. Why do you want to replace the 9GB disk with an 18GB one? Please be aware that for some reason if you absolutely have to perform this, you will be wasting the additional 9GB on your 18GB disk as the raid 1 set will use the least size disk, i.e. 9GB.

Let me know if this helps,

Please do not forget to assign points :)

Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: Replace Disk in Raid 1

Hi Bruno,

YES, we can do that but space will be same.

Prashant S.

Nothing is impossible
Shaikh Imran
Honored Contributor

Re: Replace Disk in Raid 1

You Can Do it the only thing id your 18GB Disk will be used as 9GB only. That's all

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Thomas Bianco
Honored Contributor

Re: Replace Disk in Raid 1

is this a hardware raid or a software raid?

software raid allows you to specify any unused chunk of disk to mirror*. hardware raids usally have controllers that limit the type and size you can use for a given mirror. my EMC array is smart enough to do all the mirroring math on whatever space i give it, but some of the older compaq "smart array" controllers required matching disks.

have you considered backing up and restoring the data to a new 18gb mirror?

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Re: Replace Disk in Raid 1

Why replace the 9GB with an 18GB?
Because 9GB drives have not been manufactured for years now.
Even HP recommends replacing your 9GB with 18GB.
They are faster and more reliable than the old 9GB's
The cost now is the same.
Even the 18GB drives have stopped being produced now.
You can replace the other and have 9GB of free space!
Why all this? Because technology can now create 36GB of space on a single plater, therefore anything less is just a trucated version of the 36GB.
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