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Replace Smart Array 5302 with 6402

Steve Zinski
Occasional Visitor

Replace Smart Array 5302 with 6402

My ML530 G2 had a Smart Array failure. Replaced the dead SA 5302 with a new SA 6402 (the 5300 series is no longer available).

The new controller detected all partitions and everything looked great.

Booting Windows Server 2003 and the system shows the Starting Windows 2003... splash screen and everything looks like it's working.

About a split second before the logon screen is supposed to pop up, I get a BSOD indicating 0x0000007B (inaccessible boot device). System makes it past the boot.ini, so the problem is not there. Checked LUN and partition information and it's identical to the old config, so that's not the problem either.

Checked my cpscissm.sys file and it's the latest version. This driver is listed as a "Smart Array 5300/6400 controller" driver, so it should work with both boards.

I performed a second Windows 2003 install to a different directory on the same boot partition (multi-boot) which worked fine with the stock W2K3 Smart Array drivers. Still cannot boot the original OS version. Tried safe mode, etc. with no luck.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!!
Gus Kwong
Respected Contributor

Re: Replace Smart Array 5302 with 6402

Did you run the Proliant Support Pack for Windows 2k/3 before the SA upgrade?
Learning never ends
Steve Zinski
Occasional Visitor

Re: Replace Smart Array 5302 with 6402

Yes, prior to installing the new board I ran the most current Windows 2003 Support Pack.
Trung Hua
Occasional Advisor

Re: Replace Smart Array 5302 with 6402

You might want to try booting the server with the old card with the OS and the new card together. That way the driver is registered for both types of cards.

Then move the HDDs from the SA5300 to the SA6400.
Valued Contributor

Re: Replace Smart Array 5302 with 6402

Did you have any luck with this? I am going to attempt the same thing this weekend with replacing a 5312 with a 6402 card on W2K.