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Replace disks in HP Proliant ML350 G3

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Replace disks in HP Proliant ML350 G3

Our domain controller needs 4 new disks. We're short of space. A raid 5 sytem is configured. What i'm wondering is if it's possible to take on of the for 78Gb disks and replace it by a 140Gb disk. What happens if i do this one by one. Will i recover to the new disks or do i ned to ma a backup of all the files, replace all 4 disks, reconfigure the Raid 5 system and replace the 4 disks befor copying back the files?
Alexis Novik
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Re: Replace disks in HP Proliant ML350 G3


You need to back up all of your data and replace disks.

NOTE: The main rule of RAID systems is to have same capacity disks in your system.
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Re: Replace disks in HP Proliant ML350 G3


so you wnat to replace 4 78GB HDDs for 4 new 146GB HDDs right?

yes hp always recommend to have a backup for this kind of activities but
also it is highly recommendable to have the latest firmware for your controller to avoid any issue why this because you can replace your existing HDDs for the new ones one by one

yes you can do it
what is going to happen is when you replace all HDDs you will see the new HDD as 78 GB so you need to use a tool to take advantage of this space (a partition tool)

Firmware CD link

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: Replace disks in HP Proliant ML350 G3

Hello LAKC,
Adding to Karlo, Yes You may replace ONE disk at a time with the NEW 146 GB Drives; However, once the RAID rebuilds It will only use the same space as other HDDs present.
ONCE, all HDDs have been replaced; You need to Extend the Logical drives.

Hense, Klaus
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Re: Replace disks in HP Proliant ML350 G3

Hallo, yes you expand your disksize without boot your server - but it is a good idee to update the Firmware and PSP to the latest Version before and make a backup....

1. Replace your disks one by one - wait after replace the 78GB with 146GB Disk - sure that the rebuild was finished
(first disk, wait for rebuild, second disk, wait ..., and so one
2. After this you has free space in you array. You can create a new logical volume that belongs to a new disk in your OS or you can simply expand your exist logical volume.
3. when you expand your exist Logical Volume in the OS you have a larger disk after refreshing with free space. you have the choice to create a new partition or extend ONLINE your exist partition with MS Tool "diskpart.exe" (