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Replace failing disk on ML 350

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William Voyek
Occasional Advisor

Replace failing disk on ML 350


I have a ML 350 (Windows Server 2003) with one 18GB disk(OS), one 36 GB disk(½ software mirror of OS, ½ paging drive) and 1 72 GB disk(Network Shares). The 72 GB disk is reporting imminent failure. I have received a replacement disk from HP. I now need to clone the failing drive but I am not sure how to go about it. I could just xcopy from one drive to the other but I will then need to reconfigure all of the shares, backups, etc. Is there a better way? Does HP have some kind of drive copy utility? Is there a built in Microsoft tool that I can use? Any help or any advise is greatly appreciated.


Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: Replace failing disk on ML 350

Sound like you have one more slot for HDD
If you can copy to it and data is not corrupted yet
NEXT Steps:
1. Add drive to empty slot
2. Create Array D (you already have A, B, C)
3. Create Logical Drive
4. Copy data to new Logical drive
5. Power Down Server pull Two 72GB HDD's out
6. Power up, access to ACU
7. Verify if you don't see Array C and D, (if you see them as degraded delete them, save and restart Server)
8. Verify once again ACU
9. Power Down and Add good known 72Gb HDD with Data
10. After Powering UP all should happened automatically for you.
Array C and Logical from O/S