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Replacement Fan problem on Proliant 1600

William Tate
Occasional Visitor

Replacement Fan problem on Proliant 1600

Hi, we recently has a server go down due to a bad fan. The fan was the one in the processor motherboard cage. The information on this fan is:

Nidec Beta V
Model c34262-71
P/N 930364 cq8
12V D.C .80 Amp
Compaq P/N
387469-008 REV F
D/C 991110

After searching the site for awhile we ordered some fan.

This is the number son the fan we got:

Nidec Beta V
Model: b34262-71
P/N 930381 cq7
12V D.C. .80 Amp
Compaq P/N
387469-007 REV F
D/C 040614

The fans seemed nearly identical, and looked identical. The problem is that after replacing the fan, the machine boots up with the fan faliure system will shut down in 5 seconds.

I can feel the fan blowing air, and can see it come on. Is there a way to clear the alert? Did we get the wrong fan? If so, can you give me a link to find the correct fan?

Thank you for any help you can give.
Antonio Luiz de Oliveir
Frequent Advisor

Re: Replacement Fan problem on Proliant 1600

Hi. Maybe the fan is not connected in the right place, or the connector on the processor board is defective. The fan can be installed and working, but if the system doesn't recognize it, it reboots for fan failure. There's a wire that let's the system know the fan status. If it's not working good, the system will restart over and over.