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Replacement Power Supply Proliant DL360 Gen5

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Replacement Power Supply Proliant DL360 Gen5

This question is about the server I have in my home, so that is why I am still running a G5.  Over Christmas I noticed a fault light and checked it out.  My #2 power supply was showing faulted.  I pulled the supply and reinserted it, but still have the light, and the P/S does not seem to be working.  


So Amazon is your friend, I found a part # that matched the faulty P/S and found a great price.  $20 US, refurbed out of NY.  So I ordered 2, and sent them to my sister.  She works in upstate NY and I live near Ottawa Canada.  She dropped them off last night, but when i opened the package, the labeling was slightly different, and the edge connector was quite different.  Now Plugging things in that aren't supposed to go there, is just a recipe for disaster, so I wanted to check and see if anyone knew if the new P/S will work in my Server.  


Original P/S:

Model:                                    ATSN-7000956-Y000                          Rev H


GENERIC P/N:                        411076-001

HP P/N:                                   411077-001

SPARES P/N:                          412211-001

DATE:                                     10/18/2007


Replacement P/S:

Model:                                    DPS-700GB A            REV 01(01M)


GENERIC P/N:                       411076-001

HP P/N:                                  393527-001

SPARES P/N:                          412211-001


So the question is ... will the new P/S work in my trusty old HP Proliant DL360 Gen 5?

Thanks for the help.



Re: Replacement Power Supply Proliant DL360 Gen5

Hello Rod,

For DL360 G5 Server the correct HPE powersupply spare part number is - 412211-001

Part description: 700W AC hot-plug power supply with Power Factor Correction (PFC) - Installs in the computer chassis as primary or redundant supply - Requires 100-240VAC at 50/60Hz

You mentioned the power supply (HP P/N: 393527-001) was ordered from Amazon and it was refurbed.
The refurbed parts we cannot reley if we can meet the correct specs, as you see connector is different which is not matching to the Power supply backplane.

If you have an option to return back, do so and get the correct one.

Thank you,
I am an HPE Employee
Edwin Eppel
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Re: Replacement Power Supply Proliant DL360 Gen5

Rod, I use Integrity Global Solutions for spare parts for my ML350 G6 and have had good success with power supplies, memory and hard drives. I did a quick search on their web site, and it also comes up with "HPE HP 393527-001 700W Power Supply for DL360 G5" so it appears that the 393527-001 is a compatible supply. How is the edge connector different? Most power supplies and motherboards are intelligent enough not to power up if things don't match, but if you're concerned about damaging equipment that would depend upon how critical the system is to you. IGS has a Facebook page so yo could ask about compatibility there perhaps?