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Replacement drive fumble

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Replacement drive fumble

I have a client who had smart error predictive failure on drive 3 of a proliant dl360 G5 with p400i controller with a 6 drive raid 5 configuration.  They received a replacement drive and during installation managed to accidentally plug the drive in without the latch locked in, then proceeded to unplug and replug causing the system to crash and reboot. 


At this point, I have them back online using the old drive because it worked, the new drive was requiring the array to be rebuilt and was unbootable where the old drive allowed us to run.    On the original failing drive there is no data corruption evident but it is still showing smart errors.


Since coming back online I've updated all firmware from the 8.


So the question is, is there a risk in now switching back to the replacement new drive?  I'm concerned the array controller or disk will carry information that will cause the array to break.  I would feel safer if they had a brand new drive but logistically would be easier to use the one on hand.