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Replacing 72gb with 146gb

Andrew Abbey
Occasional Visitor

Replacing 72gb with 146gb


I think this is fairly common question but I would like to check anyway.

-Currently have an old 380 G2 with 5i array controller

-Raid 5 with 4 x 72gb

-I want to replace all 4 72gb with 146gb disks (one at a time allowing for rebuild)

Question 1. Can I use ACU to expand the array once all disks have been replaced?
Question 2. Will I incur any downtime during this process.

Honored Contributor

Re: Replacing 72gb with 146gb

According to the 5i quickspecs

Q1. Yes
Q2. No, but you will incur some i/o impact during the process.

As always run a couple of full backups before you start any major disk work such as this.