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Replacing DL360 G3

Sean Kelly_8
Occasional Visitor

Replacing DL360 G3


I have just purchased a new dl360 G3 dual cpu 3.06Ghz] server to replace an existing dl360 G3 single processor [2.4Ghz 512Mb]. As the systems are identical [physically] i want to remove my 2x mirrored 36gb 15k scsi drives from the single processor system and install then in the new dual processor system.

My question is simple, if I remove the 2 drives and put them in the new server [assuming all bios/controller versions are identical] can I boot from these drives or do i need to run the array config and create the mirror again?
Stephen Kebbell
Honored Contributor

Re: Replacing DL360 G3

Hi Sean,

as long as the machines are powered off when you move the disks, and that you put the disks in the same order, the array controller in the new server should recognise the array, and should be bootable.
But make sure you have a good backup before you try it.

Greg Carlson
Honored Contributor

Re: Replacing DL360 G3


Like Stephan said, make sure the systems are both off and the hdds are put into the same slots of the system. I've done this many times with no problems, although I always had a good backup before moving the disks.

Good luck
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