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Replacing NC375i in ML370 G6

Occasional Contributor

Replacing NC375i in ML370 G6

Recently purchased the ML370 G6 (three) where the NC375i is installed with Server 2008 R2. Although it has the "i" designation this is an add-on card, as far as I can tell.


Are there any issues / gotchas / heads-up with swapping out the NC375i with a more simple NIC, the NC365T?  I was expecting to put it in the same slot and expect the same performance.  While it seems straightforward, just want to confirm there are no gotchas.


The pre-installed NC375i card has caused quit a few headaches, BSOD, dead port, crash interfaces.  I've been confused about the unclear guidance about firmware and drivers, as there are several different versions.





Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Replacing NC375i in ML370 G6

Hey, are you having these issues on all machines?
If so maybe contacting HP would be a good idea. 


Shouldn't be any problem, seems likely that you'll have to reconfigure the network settings and teaming.

I'd download the driver package for the card to the server before replacing it.


Link to Drivers for NC365T and 2008 R2.


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Re: Replacing NC375i in ML370 G6


Thanks for the respone.

Yes, I had/have issues on all three.  I got less than helpful service when I called the first time. I'm not going to risk "playing" with this card any longer. Just wanted to verify any gotchas.


 I see they released the following...


Pasted from <>

** CRITICAL ** HP NC-Series QLogic P3P Multifunction Driver for Windows Server 2008 R2