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Replacing P400 Smart Array RAID Controller in ProLiant DL385 G2?

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Replacing P400 Smart Array RAID Controller in ProLiant DL385 G2?

We have a ProLiant DL385 G2 that currently has two 72GB drives and two 146GB drives (all SAS).  I didn't realize when we purchased it that 146GB per drive is the max capacity the server will handle. (It's a refurb, and I didn't have access to the full specs.)


I need to get the total capacity up to at least 1TB--preferrably 2TB so that I can have the drives mirrored.  This server was supposed to be an upgrade to our current one, which has about 500GB on it already and we're adding to it at a rate of about 70GB each year.


Incidentally, I'm told that the P400 controller can be modified to use up to 300GB drives, but I don't know if that applies to this specific server.  Besides, at $400 each it's not in the budget to do it that way anyway. (there's a reason we got a refurb!)


So, my main question is this:  Can I replace the P400 with a different controller (either from HP or third party) that can handle a couple of nice large SATA drives? 


If the answer is yes, how can I avoid choosing a controller that's incompatible? (Recommendations would be most welcome!)


If the answer is no, what other options do I have?  Am I just screwed?



Jan Soska
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Re: Replacing P400 Smart Array RAID Controller in ProLiant DL385 G2?


please check latest quickspecs for your controller:

You can see you have plenty option how to raise capacity:

in 2,5" Sas you have 900GB drive (500GB in with sata version) and 2TB drives for 3,5"option in both Sas/Sata.

Now it is up to your budget

- to use original HP drives and have validated solution, or

- to use normal "public" versions of drives - size you need, but without validation.

Important think is to use original disk cages from your config - it is not clear which size you have (2,5" or 3,5").


So let me summarize:

- you do not need to replace controler

- you can buy bigger drives (original or "normal")

- make sure you use original drive cages

In case you have doubts about capacity and type - just test one new drive - if it is recognized byt P400, you are winner.