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Replacing Processor Board in ML350T01

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Jeffrey Weils
Occasional Visitor

Replacing Processor Board in ML350T01

I am about to replace the processor board in a ML350 (1st Gen I believe). My concern is is the configuration for the SmartArray 431 controller and the HDD setup.

Is there anything I need to do to make sure the HDD are still available when I power the system back up??

Thanks in Advance.

Marko H.
Valued Contributor

Re: Replacing Processor Board in ML350T01

Hello Jeff

Check the switches on the new board to be in the same posittion as on the old board.

Hit F10 when prompted at POST.
Then select system configuration and
configure hardware and
review or modify settings and
select view or edit details.
Search for your controller and make it first to boot.
You might also want to change your serial number in the system config.
Also check OS selection in teh system config.

Then save your changes and exit.

This always works for me.
Jeffrey Weils
Occasional Visitor

Re: Replacing Processor Board in ML350T01

1. Removed all cards and inserted them into the same position on the new processor board (except the PCI cards).

2. Disconnected all cables.

3. Removes Chasis fan.

4. Removed the old processor board and inserted the new processor board.

5. Connected all cables.

6. Reinstalled all PCI cards.

Followed Mark's advice. Up and running. Keeping fingers crossed as this server went thru 2 power supplies in 2 days. I did disable ASR as I had seen that in a thread about the PSs on these systems.