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Replacing a SmartArray 5i controller on a DL380

Larry Franklin
Occasional Contributor

Replacing a SmartArray 5i controller on a DL380

The SmartArray 5i controller card on our Proliant DL380 has failed. We have purchased a replacement card and preparing to replace the defective card.

The system is running Windows NT 4.0

The system has 4 18GB hard disks and is configured in a RAID 5 configuration. One of the hard disks has failed. The defective RAID controller will not function long enough to allow the system to rebuild the replacement disk.

My question is, when I replace the defective Smart Array controller card will there be a loss of data and information from the hard disks or will we lose the array partition information. I am very apprehensive about losing the data and partition information.

Is there a link that someone can give me.

This is the only server in our organization and the back information and data are iffy at best.

We would like to replace the card tomorrow, sunday
Honored Contributor

Re: Replacing a SmartArray 5i controller on a DL380


You can safely change the controller. The information is held on the disks and they inform the new controller on POST as to the logical drive assignments. Each disk holds a record of the saved configuration. Even if you have a faulty disk at present, this does not prevent you from replacing the controller. This is safe to do.

If the faulty disk remains faulty and keeps the amber led on after the controller has been replaced you can also replace the drive. The new controller will rebuild this disk using the other members of the raid set for reference.

The Compaq Smart Array controllers are good for this type of situation so you should feel reasonably confident that everything will be OK.

I hope this helps.