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Replacing memory and BBWC on a Smart Array P410i


Replacing memory and BBWC on a Smart Array P410i



We wan to replace the 256Mb memory cache module by a 512Mb memory cache module with a BBWC battery on a Smart Array P410i on a HP DL380 G6.

Here are the steps we will follow :

  1. Power off the server.
  2. Remove the 256Mb module.
  3. Install the 512Mb module.
  4. Add the BBWC battery.
  5. Power on the server.

Here are my questions :

  • Is there a risk of loosing RAID configuration during the operation (when removing the 256Mb module) ?
  • Is there anything to do before (or after) doing thoses actions (a backup of the server will be done before the operations) ?

Thanks for your answers.

Best regards,


Re: Replacing memory and BBWC on a Smart Array P410i


Before replacing the cache module, it is recommended to have a complete backup, a proper shutdown from the operating system so that information in the array cache is written to the disks.

There is no risk of loosing the array configuration as the cache module does not hold the array configuration. If there are any further queries, please contact HPE support at:




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