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Requirements for using NVMe SSD disks on DL360 G9 Server

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Requirements for using NVMe SSD disks on DL360 G9 Server


I need to install 2 normal SAS disk and also two NVMe SSD disks (960GB each or more) on my DL360 G9 server with exact specs as follows:

HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen9 E5-2630v4 1P 16GB-R P440ar 8SFF 500W PS Base SAS Server (818208-B21)

And I have some questions:

1- Do we need to purchase and install a separate cage for NVMe disks or the can be fit into the existing one. I can see this config and I don't know whether it needs another cage or not:

4 SAS/SATA (Drive 1-4) + 6 NVMe (Drive 5-10)

The current front panel is like the following photo. (the default shipped)


2- I think I need an enablement kit. Appearently NVMe 2.5" SSDs require a PCIe Express Bay Enablement Kit,

Is this one OK?

HP DL360 Gen9 NVMe 2 Solid State Drive Express Bay Enablement Kit 764628-B21
NOTE: This option provides support for up to 2 NVMe SFF drives.
This option cannot be used with the Universal Media Bay Kit.
NOTE: The HPE DL360 Gen9 High Performance Fan Kit (766201-B21) will be required
with this option.

3- Does this enablement kit include all kits, cables, PCI card and cage necessary for these hards?

4- Where this kit fits? Is the DVD-ROM replaced by the cage needed for these 2 NVMe disks?

5- I read that these disks are not supported by hardware RAID controller on the server (P440). Am I right? These disks can only be RAIDed in the operating system?

6- What is this Fan kit ?766201-B21 ? (which as read above is required for using these NVMe disks) Is this a single fan or the whole 6 fans in the back of front panel of server? Or it's just a single fan which should be installed instead of one of the fans or I donno maybe beside them?


Sorry for long post and too many questions and thanks in advance.

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Re: Requirements for using NVMe SSD disks on DL360 G9 Server


Did you get an answer to your questions? I'm interested in the same questions now