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Reset Password for ML350 G4p Server

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Alain Garcia
Occasional Visitor

Reset Password for ML350 G4p Server


Can someone please help me on how to reset/clear the bios password for an ML350 G4p Tower Server?

Thanks very much!
Marek Nelec
Honored Contributor

Re: Reset Password for ML350 G4p Server

Use the System maintenance switch S5. It should help. More information in ML350 G4p Maintenance and Service Guide on page 45:
Alain Garcia
Occasional Visitor

Re: Reset Password for ML350 G4p Server

Thanks, Marek! You have pointed me to the right direction - the maintenance switch & the manual! ;)

Resetting System Password: As Marek had said... open the hood of your server and look for the "System Maintenance Switch".

I have a HP Proliant ML350 G4p 3.2GHz Xeon -
- Shutdown your server
- flick the "S6" switch to the ON position
- Restart your server
- Follow screen instructions
- and wait for the system to prompt you to turn the switch back to the DEFAULT position & restart again!

Warning: Resetting your bios configuration can cause loss of data! So, be sure to configure your bios properly!