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Reseting LEDs on Proliant DL360

Mark Treen_1

Reseting LEDs on Proliant DL360

Hi All

Quite a strange question. Is there any means by console, command etc that error LEDs either on the front panel can be "bounced" for want of a better term.

In my case I have 3 servers with internal error LEDs but we dont feel there is a problem and aparently there is a way to reset the LEDs so that they try again to detect a problem and of course is none is found they dont light up.

Can anybody shed any light on this??

A thousand thanks

Mark Treen
Chris Saindon
Valued Contributor

Re: Reseting LEDs on Proliant DL360

Hi Mark,

Those lights don't normally come on without good cause. It may not be performance affecting but there is a very good chance that there is a problem with the server.

I would suggest making sure you have the current Support pack installed so you can see any problems.

Depending on which LED, there will be a corresponding LED on the system board of the server. If you provide a few more details such as the server models, which led's are on, I would be happy to indulge a little further.

For example, if you had a failed DIMM, you'd never know except on reboots or if you checked the amount of memory. It could be a battery failure on the array controller, failed CPU, etc. The server will run, and you may not know that there is a problem.

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