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Resetting failed hard disks

Occasional Contributor

Resetting failed hard disks


OK this is my problem, I have 4 x 364gb scsi hard drive, of which 2 have failed. Now I know for a fact that one failed hard drive is new. I have tried all sort of way to test the drives. When I use smart start CD and use the Array Configuration option the two failed drives are not even listed (I have included the ACU report). I have tried running array conf during start up, but again both failed drives are not listed. I have tried moving the drives with the slots including putting the failed drive into a slot I know works. I have used the firmware cd to ensure that latest firmware. Anything else I can try?

Server: ML350 G3
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Resetting failed hard disks

The fact a drive is new doesn't mean it cannot be dead or DOA as the acronym has it.

If you've moved disks around the array to different bays and the error follows the disk, then it seems the disks have failed.

Any lights on the disks? not sure what disks / array you have but HP disks tend to flash a red warning if they've failed.

Also if you've lost 2 x disks from a 4 disk array, that would indicate you've lost the array data.