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Resource 02F8-02FH

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Resource 02F8-02FH

I need to use the Serial Port on my DL380 G4 as Com 2. I set it up in the Bios with the only IRQ option available Com2 IRQ3 I/O 2F8H-2FFH; But it seems this I/O is conflicting with a MotherBoard Resource. Is there anyway to get the MB to free up this resource? The Application I am using requires this specific IRQ and I/O.

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Re: Resource 02F8-02FH

1. Reboot
2. F9 - to "ROM-Based Setup Utility"
3. Select "System Options"
4. Select "Embedded COM Port"
5. Select "COM2; IRQ3"
6. Save and Exit utiliy - Boot back into Windows O/S
7. Logon as an Admin to the server.
8. Start "Computer Manager"
9. Select "Device Manager"
10. Select "Ports (COM & LPT)"
11. Get the properties of "Comunication Port (COM1)"
12. Select the "Port Settings" tab.
13. Click the "Advanced..." button
14. Change the "COM Port Number" from the drop-down to "COM2".
15. Click the "OK" button to save changes and exit the "Advanced..." area.
16. Click on the "Resources" tab and verify "IRQ3" and I/O Range "02F8-02FF".

Hope that helps