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Restore ML110 G4

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Restore ML110 G4

The administrator password has been lost along with manuals and discs. I believe I need to restore the machine to its original factory software configuration to overcome the password problem. I've searched the HP web site thoroughly without success. Where can I find a replacement restore dvd?
Model: HP S-BUY ML110 G4 3040 80 GB SATA US SUR
SKU: 432531-005
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: Restore ML110 G4

Hello Todd,

I don't think there is any restore Disk Available for an ML110 G4.

Are you referring to the BIOS password ?
there is a JUMPER on the system board
P137 - By default its set to ON, which means "Password Enabled"

1) You need to set it to OFF,
2) reboot server.
3) shut Down & set it to ON again.

This time BIOS will be Available;

& in case You are referring to the OS admin password; well, You can Always Reinstall OS.

Cheers !
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Re: Restore ML110 G4

Thanks friend.
It is the OS and I will reinstall.