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Restore ML310G4 image to ML115


Restore ML310G4 image to ML115

We are running two ML310 G4 servers with internal SATA RAID storage. Both servers are backed up to external disks using Acronis True Image server software.
Now I want to retore the backups to a third system in order to verify them. Of course, restoring to the live platforms is out of the picture so I was thinking of getting a cheap ML115 server just for this specific purpose. However, I fear that the storage setup will prevent the restored system from booting as the disk configuration might differ.
Would it be possible to use a ML115 server for backup verification (possibly using the same SATA RAID configuration as the live systems) or do I need a ML310 server to fully verify the backup? If so, as G4 servers no longer are available, would a ML310 G5 work for this purpose?

So can anyone confirm if it's possible to restore a ML310G4 image to a ML115/ML310G5 as described and what redflags/showstoppers there might be?

Re: Restore ML310G4 image to ML115

A couple of things come to mind.
If you already have the server just restore it and see if it works. Of course keep it isolated from your current lan so as not to cause a problem. You could also use the free VM-ware and virtulize it and drop it on any extra server that you may have or buy that is VM capable ESXI is free