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Restore all Network Connections and Settings

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Restore all Network Connections and Settings



I have HP ProLiant DL180 G6 with WIN2008 R2 Server installed.

Which files do I need to restore to recover all Network Connections and Teaming Settings using Backup Exec 2010?

Systemstatus was not saved, just C:\ Partion and NIC teaming was created using HP Network Configuration Utility.

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Re: Restore all Network Connections and Settings

The NIC team is done by binding the physical adapters to the NIC teaming device (HP Network Configuration Utility in the bindings list).

The teamed adapter then stores it's configuration in the registry just like any other regular adapter would, buried away in the HKLM hive.

The NCU might have it's own registry location to store some other config information.

Whatever the case, you're probably better off re-creating the team from scratch. If you had to reference any old settings, you might try restoring the system registry to a temporary location and loading them as an additional hive.

Example, open regedit and go to hkey_local_machine. Click file on the menu and "load hive". Find the backup of the system hive you restored to some temp location and load that hive, then find the information you need to re-create the network config with those same settings.

It's been a while since I've used Backup Exec, but as far as I remember, it didn't have any way of restoring just parts of a registry backup, and if you reinstalled or changed any network adapters, the bindings would be all different anyway.