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Retasking DL380 G6 server - best way

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Retasking DL380 G6 server - best way

I am retasking a number of DL380 G6 servers. The hardware configuration is appropriate. I will be installing Windows Server 2008 x64 on these units.


Windows does not recogize the disk array out of the box. After some effort I found a stand-alone Array configuration utility and set up the disks. Once the OS was installed I found I needed various and sundry drivers to bring the system up to snuff. I also need to add drives and configure a RAID.


I suspect there must be a better way that guessing the long list of drivers and patches. Something like a tool that checks the hardware and selects the correct bits. Later I want to be able to keep these machines current.


I's appreciate anyone's help pointing me in the right direction - best practices to ensure these machines are properly setup with the latest from HP.


Thanks in advance for any direction.








Re: Retasking DL380 G6 server - best way




You may use the ProLiant Support Pack (PSP) in the HP SmartStrart CD and boot the server with it. Keep the storage component drivers handy to provide it when prompted for.


That would be for a starting a fresh installation. In an existing installating, run the CD in the operating system environment to update the servers with the requisite drivers.


 You may download the HP SmartStart CD here.


Hope this helps.





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