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Re: Reuse RAID5 disk on same controller removed from.

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Reuse RAID5 disk on same controller removed from.

I haven't seen this variation discussed.

Have taken out a disk predicted to fail and replaced it with a new one and the RAID5 array is running normally again.

Can I put the original disk in a spare slot on the same controller for testing purposes.

It is unclear to me if this would impact the exisiting array and if it should be formatted first.

I don't have another server in which to delete the RAID5 config on the disk first.

Thanks for any advice.



Re: Reuse RAID5 disk on same controller removed from.



You can put the disk in a Spare (unused/unconfigured) slot, no problem because that slot is not configured as part of an array in the Array Controller settings.


After putting the disk, you may go into ACU and configure that drive as another Raid 0 (if that drive is still working).


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Re: Reuse RAID5 disk on same controller removed from.

If the disk is predictive failed, then it is going to die soon. IMHO it makes no real sense to test something, because the fail is based on S:M:A:R:T: information directly from the drive itself. Take a hammer and solve the problem finally.


However, do not insert the drive while the server is off, this could confuse the current configuration.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Reuse RAID5 disk on same controller removed from.



Does this mean that the disk physical location is important? I thought that if the raid5 info was stored on the disk to make it portable to another controller, its location was not important.

That is why I was concerned about reintroducing the disk with old raid 5 data still on it?

If I understand correctly I can put the disk back in another location and the array will see it as an unallocated drive.

This is for test purposes only, I know it might die at any time but I am expecting future upgrades will release good disks for reuse and I want to know the options.