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Riser Card change on DL385 G2 - Any Issues?


Riser Card change on DL385 G2 - Any Issues?

We recently purchased a DL385 G2 and it arrived with the riser card having 3 PCI-X slots. We didn't realize that we would actually need to use some PCI-Express slots until we had the OS installed (Windows 2003 R2 Standard). We ordered the optional riser card (part 410570-B21) that has 1 PCI-X slot and 2 PCI-Express slots. We shut the server down, replaced the riser card and restarted. The server seemed to be perfectly fine with the swap so we went ahead and put it into production.

Unfortunately, we are chasing some really bad performance issues with an LSI Logic Fiber Channel HBA that is plugged into one of the PCI-Express slots on this riser card and, after exhausting all other possibilities, we think it is a problem with the server relating to the riser card swap.

Has anyone had experience with swapping these riser cards (not just replacing them but actually changing them to the alternate option) and what, if any, steps can we take to correct the performance issues we are seeing? Is there something within the BIOS of the server that needs to be changed? Any help would be greatly appreciated.