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Running HPACUBIN from WinPE

Neil Wilson_4
Occasional Visitor

Running HPACUBIN from WinPE


I would like to offer the ACU GUI via a WinPE session in order to allow our build engineers to manually configure the array on legacy servers from within the server build environment; WinPE 2005 compilled with Windows Server 2003 SP1

Does anyone know if this is possible if so is there any info available on how to get the ACU GUI support from within WinPE?

This is a full version of teh OPK WinPE CD, it's *not* BartPE

Many thanks.

Honored Contributor

Re: Running HPACUBIN from WinPE

Hi Neil,

Do you mean the web-based ACU?
If these are the older legacy servers with older Smart Array controllers, it may be easier to use the 32-bit Application version of the ACU instead. This predated the Web version and is still used on NT/2000 boxes in preference to it.

It will run from a directory on the CD.

Load the following kit.
Run it then choose extract.
Extract the files to a suitable folder.
Copy this folder to your Winpe Build
Run CPQACU.EXE from the folder on the CD.

It might be worth a try.

I hope this helps.


Neil Wilson_4
Occasional Visitor

Re: Running HPACUBIN from WinPE

Hi...many thanks for the reply, your correct I meant the web based gui ACU utility as opposed to running the hpacubin.exe command line utility.

I will try your suggestion and let you know.