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SA 6404 cache error

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SA 6404 cache error



I have a HP proliant dl 385 with a SA 6404 on it, 256 mb cache, new batteries, and attached to it i have a HP MSA20 with 6 x 2TB disks . The thing is on the 6404 i get the following errors :




347 The cache for Smart Array 6400 in Slot 5 is not configured. 267 There are no configurable physical drives attached to the current array controller.

If this controller is being used as a host controller for tape devices only, please disregard this warning.

If this controller is being used as a host controller for an external controller, the physical drives attached to the external controller will only be visible by selecting the external controller.

If the controller is not being used as a host controller, one of the following could cause the problem:

  • There are no supported drives attached to the controller.
  • A data cable has a bad connection.
  • Two or more drives have duplicate SCSI IDs.
  • Power to the external drives is off.
  • The OS array controller driver is missing.



Also on the MSA20 i have the following warning :


772 MSA20 in shelf01 has one or more cache module batteries/capacitors that are recharging. Caching operations such as Expansion, Extension, and Migration are temporarily suspended until the batteries/capacitors are fully charged. Caching operations will automatically resume when charging is complete.



How can i make sure it uses the SA6404 as a controller, and it's cache ? why can't i configure it ?