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SA P410 was detected by ACU, now isn't

Neill T
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SA P410 was detected by ACU, now isn't

Hi, I added a P410 SA and an additional drive cage to a DL380 G6 on Friday.


Once server restarted I was able to go into ACU and set up the array, created a RAID1 volume of 2.5TB with a hot spare.


I then went into Windows disk management and it detected the new 2.5TB volume and asked me to initialize it as a GPT disk. I tried that then got a file not found message. When I rescanned again the volume had disappeared.

Now if I go into ACU it is only detecting the internal P410i SA and not the new one in Port 1. SA does appear in windows device manager.


However if I go into SMH it DOES detect the SA and the disks attached to it. I did the same thing on the same model of server last year with no issues, only thing I can see different is that the new SA on this one is on FW5.70 and last years one was on 3.52 and has not been upgraded since.


I am presuming that just putting the latest PSP on with latest firmware will fix issue but my change control process is a pain for such things.

Anybody got any thoughts?


DL380 G6 - FW P62-01/13/2010 - Windows 2008R2

P410i FW- v2.74

ACU - v8.35.7

Storage -




Hazem Bahgat
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Re: SA P410 was detected by ACU, now isn't

as you said latest drivers and latest firmware together will be your best choice
you can use the SPP now which includes the Firmware and drivers, rather than downloading each part aside

Best Regards and Appreciation,
Hazem Bahgat

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