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SA5312 lost raid configuration

Mior Fadzlee Sabki
Occasional Visitor

SA5312 lost raid configuration


I have ML530 server with Smart Array 5312 card connected to 12 internal SCSI disk.Created 2 logical drive, first logical RAID 1 with 2 disks and second logical RAID 5 with 9 disks and 1 hotspare.

Today when i come to the office, the server stuck on POST and SA5312 give error 1785 and 0 logical drive (suppose 2 logical drive). I saw red light on 1 disk of the RAID5 and 1 disk of the hotspare. After some research in the ITRC forum, i boot to smartstat, and get the ADU report. Because of raid configuration is in the SA5312 and the disk, i need to rebuild back the raid configuration from the disk to the controller card. I turn off the server, pull out all the disk, boot to smartstat, clear RBSU configuration, reboot server and turn off server. Then plug all the hard disk back, turn on the server, now SA5312 give 2 error- 1785 and 1720. But still it did not detect any logical drive.

Can anybody help to make my SA5312 detect 2 logical drive again with the data intact? Take too long time to reinstall from scratch and restore backup data because it is Active Directory and Exchange server.
Mior Fadzlee Sabki
Occasional Visitor

Re: SA5312 lost raid configuration

I saw "RIS copies between drives do not match" in the ADU report. That's why it cannot rebuild the raid configuration.

But why both of the array is not detected? At least it can detect my RAID 1 array so that i can boot the machine.

ADU Report attached.