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SA532 to SA641 BSOD

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SA532 to SA641 BSOD

a SA532 has failed on a server and upon replacing it with a SA641(which incidentally uses THE SAME DRIVER!) the server BSODS with 0x0000007B (0xF789EA94) which is a boot driver issue as i know that error very well.

OS is win2003 standard


now the important parts:

1) the controller IS BROKEN, so i can't boot and plug the 641 so that it can "detect the driver".

2) a "repair install" is not an option as it breaks installed software, there's too much software installed that can't simply be reinstalled, the installation HAS TO BOOT as is.

3) theres no replacement 532 controller at hand or in a timeframe that's allowable.

4) safe mode, LKG fails the same as is the case with all 7B errors


i need to be able to FORCE the system to boot from the 641 somewhat, no idea how to do this from recovery console and since they use the same driver there's nothing to replace.

I'm extremely annoyed as SA are supposed to be driver-unified and replaceable between them