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SA6400 only sees 6 drives

GM Lee
Occasional Visitor

SA6400 only sees 6 drives

We have a ML530 G2 with a SA 6400 raid controller and 6 drives. We are running out of disk space so we purchased a couple 72G drives to add to the system. I wanted to create another array with the two drives and use a spanning logical volume to give us more space.

Unfortunately, the SA 6400 does not "see" the 72G drives. Instead, they are presented to the OS (Win 2003 server) as individual drives presumably by integrated SCSI controllers. After some inspection, I noticed that I only have one internal scsi cable coming off the 6400.

Two questions:
1. Am I correct in thinking I need a 2nd internal cable in order to get the raid controller to see the drives in the second disk cage?

2. If I create a spanned volume now with one of the drives (presented by the integrated scsi, is it possible to migrate it to a RAID1 array without destroying the data?

Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: SA6400 only sees 6 drives

Hi Gary.

REfer to this link.
first yes it support till 300GB Hdd.
Second RAID Migration is possible.
Both information is avaible on this link.

Second part refer to this attached docs. might be help to explain.

or else refer to the service manuals for the server for more details from HP site.

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
GM Lee
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Re: SA6400 only sees 6 drives

Thanks. I've resolved my own problem after a short time by realizing that there must be another cable connecting the 2nd drive cage to the integrated scsi. Disconnecting the cable from the mobo and feeding the slack through was the toughest part of the job.