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SA6402 battery problem

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Valued Contributor

SA6402 battery problem

i`ve got a problem with my sa6402 with 256mb bbwc. there is no one 256mb battery but two 128mb. one of battery has failed. in attachment part of adu report. i have only one chance to replace battery so is anyone able to tell me which battery should i replace? battery connected to cache or directly to board?
Esteemed Contributor

Re: SA6402 battery problem

not sure what you mean by "one chance". if it's due to downtime then the best course is to replace both, otherwise swap one and if wrong replace the other one with the removed battery, the battery modules are quite cheap so why not just swap both.
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Valued Contributor

Re: SA6402 battery problem

Sure i can replace both batteries but I want to know which one is damage.
Neal Bowman
Respected Contributor

Re: SA6402 battery problem

if one of the batteries has failed, you can be sure the second will soon be failing. I'd replace both while I had the server down and not have to worry about additional downtime or future failed batteries.

There's also an old advisory about certain version of the firmware reporting false battery failures. A later release corrected a charging algorithm, so make sure you have the latest firmware for your SA6402 installed.

Honored Contributor

Re: SA6402 battery problem

I think ADU report should report the status of both batteries i.e. Main/Primary battery and Secondary battery. Since it does report one of them is failed, I guess little modification in ADU code would report which one. Hopefully we will see the change in the next version of ADU?

I would replace both the batteries since I don't see a way to find out the exact failed one in such situation.

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Re: SA6402 battery problem

Hi Tom,

"The Controller: Smart Array 6400 in slot 3
Message: The cache is temporarily disabled"


"Cache Disable Code Cache is temporarly disabled due to low battery voltage (0x0001)
Total Memory Size 256 KB (0x0100)
Battery Count 2 (0x0002)
Battery Status 0x0002
Parity Read Errors 0 (0x0000)
Parity Write Errors 0 (0x0000)
Error Log All Zeroes (160 x [0x00])
Failed Batteries 1 (0x0001)
Board Present 0x01"



There are two batteries, one is the controller battery and the other is the *cache* battery on the plug-in option. In your case the cache module battery has failed. Replace the dual-battery pack attached to the cache module. These are a common failure item and should be replaced every 2~3 years.

Also the latest Firmware is 2.84 and can be found here:

Hope this helps.