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SAS HDD LED - Gen 8 Servers

Peter Hönigschnabel
Occasional Advisor

SAS HDD LED - Gen 8 Servers



I have a brand new DL360e Gen8 Server with 2 SAS HDDs in RAID 1.

On one HDD one of the four LED is flashing regularly in amber, the three other are flashing

in green.

What does that mean?


I already changed the HDD, the same again. Server is running for three days, only Windows Server is installed. I think it couldn´t be RAID building.

HP Soft- and Firmware is up to date.


ILO and other diagnostic tools do not find any error, both HDDs seems to be ok.


Any ideas?

Best Regards,


Honored Contributor

Re: SAS HDD LED - Gen 8 Servers

A flashing amber LED typically means that its SMART technology has predicted that it will fail soon.  However since you replaced it, perhaps there is something else going on...or the replacement drive is reporting the same problem.  Was there any delay from the time the disk was repalced before it started flashing an amber LED again?


Note that a steady flashing green indicates that a rebuild is taking place.  For the Gen8 drives activity is shown by the rotating green ring of LEDs.


I would suggest running HP's ACU (Array Configuration Utility) to get a status of the drives and of your volumes.  If you wish you can also run an ADU report (diagnostics report) and post it here.



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