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SAS/SATA Controller Doesn't See Drives

El Bobo Libre
Occasional Visitor

SAS/SATA Controller Doesn't See Drives


I have a DL360 G4, 8GB RAM, 2 x 500GB SATA HDD's and a SAS3080X-HP RAID controller (LSI Logic) in PCI-X slot 2.

The problem is that the SAS3080-HP controller refuses to see the two 500GB SATA-150 drives. (The drives are both "official" HP drives: P/N 432337-004, Model GB0500C4413.)

However, if I disable the SAS3080X-HP RAID controller, and re-enable the internal SATA controller, the internal controller sees both drives just fine (it just can't do RAID.)

I've updated the BIOS of the DL360 and the BIOS/firmware of the SAS3080X to the most current versions from the HP support site.

Is there some trick to getting the SAS3080X to recognize these drives?

Any help would be most appreciated!

Honored Contributor

Re: SAS/SATA Controller Doesn't See Drives

I don't have a DL360 but typically with all other DL and itanium servers I have worked with, the internal drives are cabled to the embedded or mezzanine default controller. When you install an add-on RAID controller on your server you need to re-cable the internal drives to the add-on controller either with the existing cable or with a special cable kit. Check if you need to do this.
Ken Klassy
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Re: SAS/SATA Controller Doesn't See Drives

I have the exact same problem. Same server and same RAID controller.

Any solutions since you last posted?

Also I have never seen the connectors that are on the card before. What type of connectors are those?

Ken Klassy