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SAS/SATA combination - Smart 400i + DL580 G5

Horatiu Olar
Occasional Visitor

SAS/SATA combination - Smart 400i + DL580 G5

Hi I'm trying to add a SATA SSD Mtron (SATA 1, 1.5Gb/s) drive to the internal Smartarray 400i 512MB BBWC of a DL580 G5. The arrray already has 2 SAS drives configured with RAID 1+0.
When I plug in the SATA drive, its bay leds show me the following:

- LED #1 is amber continuosly
- LED #2 is off

which according to

means that "A critical fault condition has been identified for this disk, and the controller has placed it offline. Replace the disk as soon as possible."

I know that the drive is working fine, as I can use it in a different machine. Also, the controller supports a combination of SAS/SATA drives, so I was wondering if there is anything that I'm missing here, like compatibility issues, maybe the controller needs a firmware update or something similar.
Is anyone using a SAS?SATA combination with this controller?

Any help is appreciated.

Honored Contributor

Re: SAS/SATA combination - Smart 400i + DL580 G5


did you test that HDD with another P400?

do you have any spare number/option number for that HDD?

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Horatiu Olar
Occasional Visitor

Re: SAS/SATA combination - Smart 400i + DL580 G5

I have tried it on a different P400 with the same result - but it'a a similar-configured machine.
No part number from HP - this is a Mtron SSD pro 700 disk.
Karl Pielorz
Occasional Contributor

Re: SAS/SATA combination - Smart 400i + DL580 G5


Did you have any luck with this at all? - We've just encountered the same situation.

The single Mtron drive we have outpaces a whole DL360 w/6 * 15K RPM SAS drives on IOP's when tested on similar hardware, however fitting it to an actual DL360 shows the same symptoms as you, i.e. a 'failed drive' - and the RAID controller ignores it completely.

This drive would be great for our application - but apparently not with HP servers :(
Horatiu Olar
Occasional Visitor

Re: SAS/SATA combination - Smart 400i + DL580 G5

I have talked to Mtron, and they acknowledged that they are having compatibility issues with some RAID controllers, although they stated that they hadn't tested this particular controller so they couldn't confirm if the issue was controller or drive-related.
Until that's sorted, there are 2 choices:

- use another RAID controller and connect the drive to using a self-powered external enclosure (there are no additional power slots available in the 580 at least)
- use another drive with similar specs, e.g. the OCZ SATA-II drive - it's almost there in terms of throughput, though it's kind of hard to find statements regarding the IOPS.