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SAS expander card not seeing any drives

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SAS expander card not seeing any drives

I have installed a SAS Expander card in my DL370 G6 server with two drive cages. When I connect the 1st and 2nd cages to the SAS expander card, and connect the expander card to the embedded P410i, the system does not recognize any hard drives. When I disconnect the 2nd cage and leave the 1st cage connected to the expander card, I also do not see any drives. When I connect the 1st drive cage to the embedded P410i, I see the drives. I have ensured that all my firmware is up-to-date but can't figure out why I can't get the SAS expander card to function. 

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Re: SAS expander card not seeing any drives

  1. Install the plastic bracket (optional):
    a). Install the plastic bracket on the expander card.
    b). Install the plastic rivets through the rear of the expander card.
  2. Connect the cables provided in the kit to the expander card.
  3. Route the cables through the cable management loops on the bracket, if installed.
This is how to route the cables:
Expander card connector >--------------< Server connector
Port 1C (external connector) >----------< HP external tape device
Port 2C - Port 7C >--------------------------< Hard drive backplanes
Port 8C >----------------------------------------< Controller port 1
Port 9C >----------------------------------------< Controller port 2

pics in here


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