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SAS vs SATA DL385 G6

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SAS vs SATA DL385 G6


We have a DL385 G6 that has two arrays on P410 controller, one with 2 SFF SATA 300 GB disks, and the other array with 3 SFF 1TB SATA disks. Those disks are 7.2K rpm

We'd like to improve performance, and plan to replace the second array with 3 SAS 1Tb SFF 10K rpm. Does anybody know if it's possible without changing anything else?

Note that the old ones are SATA and would like to use SAS, the quickspecs says it supports bot kind of disks.


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Re: SAS vs SATA DL385 G6


you need a good backup. You have to remove the second array with the SATA 1TB drives. Then you have to build a new array with the 1TB SAS drives.  After that restore the Data from the old SATA Array. It is not possible to replace drive by drive. The array controller supports both drives but could not replace a SATA drive within an Array with a SAS drive.