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SATA hotswap RAID ML150 configuration

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SATA hotswap RAID ML150 configuration


I got the ML150 server with SATA RAID controller.
Now there is only one SATA disc in the machine, and I want to add 2 more, RAID1 + hot spare.

How do I configure this when I got win2003 running on the disk that is in the macine now, and I want this over on RAID1?
Mauro Rusignuolo
Trusted Contributor

Re: SATA hotswap RAID ML150 configuration


I think you are taking about RAID 0 plus hot spare.
but the way, let me know something more:
do you have the hot swap bay?
do you have, in any case, one more HD to use?
(4 totally).

let me kow.

<> Leonardo da Vinci
Frequent Advisor

Re: SATA hotswap RAID ML150 configuration

The SA E200 with 128MB BBWC (411508-B21) is a more robust Raid controller, and can be used with the Hot Plug and NHP models of the ML150G3, with the appropriate cable.

Cable for Hot Plug model - 438160-B21

Cable for NHP model - 430479-B21

2 cables may be required when installing more than 4 disks. For more info, refer to the Quickspecs link for the E200 controller below.

Re: SATA hotswap RAID ML150 configuration

Hello and thank you for replying.

I want raid 1, mirror right?

I have got the hotswap bay, yes.

I only got 3 disks, one is used now with the os.
Mauro Rusignuolo
Trusted Contributor

Re: SATA hotswap RAID ML150 configuration


excuse me but I haven't understand perfectly.
right now, you have only one Hd and on this, OS is running.
you want to add 2 HDs more in RAID 1.
if so, no problem;
you have honly to insert the new HDs, boot the system and enter in the Raid configurations during the boot (F8, may be?)
the raid controller shows you the two nes HDs.
select them and configure them in RAID 1.
nothing may happen at your system HD (HD 0)

RAID 1 plus hot spare, doesn't exist.

if you, instead, want the 3 HDs in a unique RAID 0 + hot spare, I suggest to you to make a clone of your system disk.

insert your new two HDs.
during the boot create your raid configuration.
you'll loose data in your system disk.
after raid creation, transfer your cloned disk to the new created raid.

many software do a "clone disk".

I hope this information are useful for you.

let me know.



<> Leonardo da Vinci