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SBS 2003 Premium will not install

Ed Daniel
Occasional Visitor

SBS 2003 Premium will not install

We have a New proliant ml370 that will not install our HP premium operating system. I am told it is because the SATA array is not supported on the SBS 2003 OS before Service Pack 1. I am also told you cannot slip stream SP1 for SBS 2003.

Anybody have a solution on this?

Thanls in Advance
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Re: SBS 2003 Premium will not install


Generation of the server? Let me know also the controller are you using?

Ed Daniel
Occasional Visitor

Re: SBS 2003 Premium will not install

The serer is G5, and the controller is one of the the SATA array's 400?, not sure right now.

I made some good progress today, as follows:

I used the drivers from HP's web site and put them on a floppy. I used the HP Smart Start server configuration utility (as before) but when it restarted, I kept the SBS 2003 CD in and booted from it. Previously after identifying the FAT file system it would attemptan NTFSconversion, the restart then fail with a blue screen - "driver_irql_not_less_or_equal sbs 2003 0x000000D1".

I used the F6 command successfully, loading the SATA array driver.

Not sure of the order here, but the following occurred:

The file system was identified as FAT, I chose the quick NTFS. After which it showed a small C: partition and the balance as not partitioned. I assumed this was an artifact from the HP Smart Start, so I deleted the C: partition, allowing a single large C: drive.

It proceeded to install without incident, until with 13 minutes left it stalled (did not hang, as he mouse worked, etc.)

Checking the web tonight, I see this is normal, but painful I am currently letting it run, HOPING that the install will give up lookng for the hotfixes and get to a login.

Otherwise I may have to hook up the server to the network, reboot, repair and see if it fnds the hotfixes.

Any assistance, comments would be appreciated.