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SBS Health monitor eror

Shayne Heidemann
Regular Advisor

SBS Health monitor eror

When I launch the Health monitor, in the 2000 PerformanceM Monitor/Network/Network Interface I get a Warning that the server is exceeding 500000 bytes per second, and in the Redirector I am getting more than 110 disconnects per second. I assumed that this was an instrumentation error, but I am also having troubles with files not being saved etc.

Network Interface : Critical condition. (WMI Status: 2147749889 Enumeration failed. Object not found. Data Collector is misconfigured.)

Redirector : Critical condition. (WMI Status: 0 )
Torstein Aanvik
Occasional Advisor

Re: SBS Health monitor eror


I've had similar problems with all the SBS 2000 servers I administer, the Health Monitor in SBS isn't very good (it's a "borrowed" service from SMS server). I had problems with clients losing connection to documents they were working on and had to save docs as different file name, since they became write protected. Does the Event Viewer's Application Log of your SBS fill up with Perflib errors? If it does, check out this article: It's directed to Exchange especially, but it worked for me on all the Perflib errors
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