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SBS2000 upgrading hardware

Alan Morris_2
Occasional Contributor

SBS2000 upgrading hardware

We are trying to move a SBS2000 installation from an old Proliant 1600 server to a new bigger faster ML370 box.

We have built a vanilla SBS system on the new box and have done a full system and system state restore from a backup of the older server. The system boots (just) has the wrong HAL plus one or two other driver issues. So we decided that the best thing to do was an in place upgrade to SBS2000 using the original disks.

This proceeds well until it gets to device detection when it hangs completely. At this point it winds up the fans to full speed. A bit later the mouse freezes as well.

Of course when we built the vanilla system we went through this phase without problems, so we presume it must be something in the registry that is causing this.

Can anyone offer any advice/suggestions regarding this?

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