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SC11Xe Hardware Conflight with G4 Servers

Evan P
Occasional Visitor

SC11Xe Hardware Conflight with G4 Servers

Can somebody please explain to me what exactly the conflict is with the SC11Xe Host Bus Adapter and HP servers G4 and previous?

I've had issues in DL380 G4's that use the SC11Xe HBA that I've resolved by updating the motherboard BIOS but don't know if this is the conflict that the BIOS fixed.

Mainly I'd like to know what the conflict is so as to get an understanding of what was actually causing the problem.

Everything I've found online relating to this simply states that there is an issue but nowhere does it explain what the issue actually is.

Thanks in advance for your help.



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Evan P
Occasional Visitor

Re: SC11Xe Hardware Conflight with G4 Servers

Sorry, that should read conFLICT...I guess I fly around too much.