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SCO OpenServer Interrup Conflice

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SCO OpenServer Interrup Conflice

Fresh install of SCO (yea I know. . . ) OpenServer 6.0 on a ML350 g3.

After installing & adding the SCO Maintainance Pac 4 I get a irq conflict between whatever is the last pci card and an ide controller.

The system has dual Xeon processors 3 GB memory. 641 raid controller. An extra network card and a 16 port

serial card.  Updated the BIOS to the latest one I could find.

Can't make changes and re-link the OS with the conflct.


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Re: SCO OpenServer Interrup Conflice



If you use resmgr to display the resources and use the "resmgr -r -k <key of ide>" and then manually relink the kernel with /etc/conf/bin/idbuild -B and reboot, does this resolve the issue?


If not, then I have overcome the issue before by simply removing the IDE package with "pkgrm".  I have seen this issue on older G1 servers only to date.


I appreciate it's drastic but once you are on the network then using the CDROM is limited.


The only other option is to approach SCO via your Support channel.


Hope this helps,

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Re: SCO OpenServer Interrup Conflice


This is how I handled it.

Oh and thanks for the info on resmgr.

I went into scoadmin and found "Device Configuration Utility" under Hardware/Kernal Manager.

Opened it and disabled the 2nd ide driver, which, by the way, didn't show up in the BIOs.

I could then re-link the kernel.

In the mean time I had removed the 2nd network card and now can't add it back in.

Just lucky I guess.

Anyway the system is useful for what I need it for.