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SCO OpenServer Ver 5.06 on Proliant ML 350

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SCO OpenServer Ver 5.06 on Proliant ML 350


I want to buy a new HP Server of Proliant ML 350. I am a newbie in this...

I plan to use my SCO Open Server Ver 5.06.
I heard that the latest generation forth of ML 350 not supported by SCO Open Server Ver 5.06, so I should use the ML 350 G3.
I need to use the Raid 0+1 (stripping & mirroring) on smart Array Card.

My question are :
1. Is it true / any experience that I can use Proliant ML 350 G4 with SCO Open Server Ver 5.06.
2. Can I still buy the ML 350 G3 in Indonesia ? should i indent first ? for how long ? Is it sure that SCO Open Server Ver 5.06 can run smoothly on Proliant ML 350 G3 ? any experience ?
3. About the Smart Array for Raid 0+1 (I will use 4 x 36 GB HDD), what type of the HP Smart Array there is available now ? Of course the smart array card should be able to be run on SCO OpenServer 5.06.
4. What the big benefit of using Raid 0 or Raid 0+1 compared with the standard SCSI in the Proliant ML 350 ? any comparable value or experience ?

Any friends that have experience of my limitation above ? thank you.

David Claypool
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Re: SCO OpenServer Ver 5.06 on Proliant ML 350

There's no need to guess or rely on hearsay. See --> SmartStart --> Support Matrices --> ProLiant OS Support Matrix --> SCO OpenServer
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Re: SCO OpenServer Ver 5.06 on Proliant ML 350


I read from the previous message, I found this link :

From that link, I read that by using
"HP ProLiant Extended Feature Supplement for SCO OpenServer Release 5 version 5.64 A"
there are added support for such as :
HP ProLiant ML350 G4
HP ProLiant ML370 G4
HP ProLiant DL380 G4

And support for Smart Array card such as :
Smart Array 532 Controller
Smart Array 641 Controller
Smart Array 642 Controller
Smart Array 6i Controller

I want to test that first from my vendor in Indonesia, but we have difficultis on it.

- I had download the exe file : SP25769.exe (4.1MB)
- I had execute the file so it build files that should be copied into 5 diskette.
- What should I do next with the diskettes ?
- I try to restart the Proliant ML 350 G4 with the SCO OpenServer 5.06 in it, then I restart from the CD.
- When the boot prompt show (:), what should I do next ? what script should I enter to install the standard SCSI drive ? (I try not using the RAID first, because the Smart Array card still on the way) I just want to make sure first that the EFS works to enable Proliant ML 350 G4 for the SCO Openserver 5.06.

Where Can I found the manual for this ?
or can you explain me step by step continuing this testing ?

thx before.
Stan Hubble

Re: SCO OpenServer Ver 5.06 on Proliant ML 350

openserver 5.0.x definitely works well with the ml350 (g1,g2,g3,g4)
the g3's are pretty scarce in the supply chain.
the g3 (we have sold 50+ with 5.0.7) with a smartarray 641 running mirrored drives is how we configure it. the 641 requires the ciss BootTime Loadable Driver.
The scsi onboard controller for the g3 's is an adaptec ad160 which is supported directly in the 5.0.7 install kernel. the g4 uses an lsi onboard controller that requires the lsil BTLD.
The biggest benefit is to utilize the hot-swap ability of the ml350 along with a HARDWARE based raid solution.
Kent Chiu_1
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Re: SCO OpenServer Ver 5.06 on Proliant ML 350

Hi Budi,

did you get any response?

I also experiencing the same problem installing SCO Openserver 5.0.7 on Proliant ML 370 G4.

I am trying to install the OS on the HP Smart Array 6400 with RAID5. Some how the HP SmartStart doesn't have SCO OpenServer 5.0.x listed on the OS menu.

I need to know what is the procedure to install and the command to use at Boot: prompt for the EFS?

I would appreciate any information.