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SCSI 14 disk raid 10 array

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SCSI 14 disk raid 10 array

Had a break in and the thieves removed all of the 14 drives and put into a box - They apparently got scared off and left the drives.
Anyway, the drives were not numbered and we don't know which slot to place them into.
They took all of the backup drives and many other items.
How can we determine which slots the drives belong in?
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Re: SCSI 14 disk raid 10 array

Which enclosure are the drives installed into?

What is the raid adapter and model of server the External enclosure is connected to ?
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Re: SCSI 14 disk raid 10 array

The drives are installed in an external enclosure - HP 302970 MSA30 dual bus(4454R). The card attached to the drives is the HP 30952-001 Smart Array 6402/256mb. (6400 series) The server is a HP Proliant ML370 G3.
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Re: SCSI 14 disk raid 10 array

with a smart array, you can swap places, and it will still work!!

When you got a "large" array with 14 disks in a RAID 10, it will groupe the disks nicely, Disk 1 will be mirrord to disk 8. Disk 2 will be mirrored to disk 9 etc.

If you don't care, then you can put all disk in, in any order, and power the server. You will get a warning, that places has been swapped, and you must press F1.

I don't know if you can use the ADU afterwards to sort the original posistions.

And I also don't know, if you can put 1 drive in, and use adu to retrieve the location of the missing drives.

if you got an old adu, then you can find the location using the s/n.

So if you don't care to keep the order, just put them in and power on the server.