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SCSI BIOS not installed

Sam Goddard
Occasional Contributor

SCSI BIOS not installed


I've a problem with an ML 350 server. It 3was restarted yesterday &, all of a sudden, the BIOS, when it goes through its process of searching & powering up SCSI devices, will not recognise the hard disk controller or the hard disk. Now, all that is found is the DAT drive.

After this process, BIOS displays a brief message saying "SCSI BIOS not installed!", & it tries, unsuccessfully to do a network boot.

I have had a good look at the way inwhich my hardware is connected & it all seems fine but I keep getting this message. Needless to say the server is rather critical.


Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: SCSI BIOS not installed

SCSI BIOS not installed has nothing to do with your problem, message only informational and can be ignored. Do you use Array Controller? ML350 connect cable from Drive cage directly to SCSI onboard and see if you can detect HDD, if yes than start Troubleshoot array Controller, if you see array Controller than verify if you see 1 Logical Drive (or more), reset Cables, Verify all connectors SCSI, POWER ....
Disconnect DAT temporarily
Ernest Ford
Trusted Contributor

Re: SCSI BIOS not installed

The SCSI BIOS not installed message is typically sent by an Adaptec based SCSI host adapter when it does not find any devices that it can boot from.

It is possible to have this message show up more than once if there is more than one Adaptec host adapter installed, and it is quite normal IF you have an Adaptec host adapter with only a tape drive connected.

It may or may not relate to the problem you are experiencing depending on how your disks are connected.

Re: SCSI BIOS not installed

check your boot order,
reconnect all SCSI device, power and connected your backup device at the end of SCSI cable or disconnect temp