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SCSI Drives in Hot-Swap Cage

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SCSI Drives in Hot-Swap Cage

Can i only use origianl HP SCSI drives in the cage (server: DL360 g4p), or could i for example get Dell Drives and put those in my HP cages?

Mark Matthews
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Re: SCSI Drives in Hot-Swap Cage

The actual drives are made by lots of different manufacturers, Western Digital etc...
which I suspect is the same with 'Dell' drives.

What you WILL need is the HP drive carrier otherwise it would not fit in the hot plug slot, and might damage it using the Dell carrier.


AFAIK, these carriers are not available as a seperate part, best you could do would be to use a carrier from an old failed drive maybe?




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Re: SCSI Drives in Hot-Swap Cage

I have a supply of used cages. So i can use the hdd's out of the dell drives? (I can get 15 146gb drives for 30€)

Re: SCSI Drives in Hot-Swap Cage



It might be possible to install the hard drive in HP hard drive cages and thus in the server. They may not be recognized by the tools to isolate issues with the hard drive such as the Array Diagnostics Utility as the utilities are designed to detect and process information from HP drives, nor firmware be compatible with non-HP drives.







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