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SCSI Time out ! Eventid : 9

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

SCSI Time out ! Eventid : 9

After installing the latest SSD with the cpq32fs2.sys I still experience system lockups when my backup is running.

Suggestions ?

Eric van Engelen (
Ron Amos
Valued Contributor

Re: SCSI Time out ! Eventid : 9

If you have no Hard drives connected to your Imbedded Controller.

Suggest booting Server to "F10" run "System Configuration" Then "Configure Hardware" Then "View or Edit Details" -- Page down near the bottom -- High light SCSI BUS Speed for Imbedded SCSI Port #2 -- Press "Enter" -- Change to "SCSI 1 Compliant" -- Press F10 to save -- then save and exit -- This will set SCSI BUS Speed without delays that occur with "Auto" selected

This and also be done with System Configuration run from diskette if you do not have a System Partition -- For additional help call (800) OKCOMPaq (800) 652-6672

Hope this helps,
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