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SCSI & RAID on DL360/380

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SCSI & RAID on DL360/380

I understand the 360, 380 & 380R01 each have a "Integrated Smart Array Controller" within, and it supports RAID.

The 360 Fine Manual at least talks about 0-1, but not 5, and implies the VHDCI is for tapes, etc. but not drives. The one 580 manual I found mentions RAID 5.

a) Are the Array Controllers LVD only, not LVD/SE?

b) Can the 360 Array Controller do RAID5 with external drives?

c) What SCSI connnector is on the back of 380? TPM_120133-002.pdf just refers me to Compaq part numbers. From the picture; they are not VHDCI's.
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Re: SCSI & RAID on DL360/380

Hi David,

The ROC (Raid on Chip) is common to the DL360G1, ML370G1, DL380G1, DL580G1 and 8500.

It has limitations which restrict the external channel (Channel 1)SCSI usage, namely that raid is not available on this external port, it's just a SCSI port. In addition, autoloaders which have multiple LUN requirements for drive and robot are not supported as the ROC does not support multiple LUN configurations.

Documentatation on the DL360G1 will only mention RAID 0 and RAID 0+1 because there are only two drives in the chassis but the ROC supports RAID5 on other models where more disks can be physically installed internally and connected to Channel 2.

Please see the attached document which might help. It relates to the DL360G1 and DL380G1 models.

The DL380G1 external SCSI connector is a 68pin D-type.

I hope this helps.


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Re: SCSI & RAID on DL360/380


Thanks; I asked about RAID 5 since I was scheming about somehow swapping CHAN 1&2's cabling so that RAID was available outside the box.

But it wasn't clear if the "No RAID 5" was ALSO because the ROC's were different between the 360 & 380 or not.

It's also interesting that the ROC has a 4-drive limit on RAID-5 in the 380; as the 380R02 can hold 6 drives... with that limitation, I may end up with an added RAID card anyhow.

For every complex problem, there's one simple easy, answer...the wrong one.
Louis Henninger_1
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Re: SCSI & RAID on DL360/380

The 4 drive limit in the DL380 G1 could be due to the SCSI backplane option was only a 4 slot configuration.