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SCSI bus fault occurred on ML 370 G4

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Igor Karasik
Honored Contributor

SCSI bus fault occurred on ML 370 G4

We received recently 6 ML370 G4 servers with SmartArray 6402.
We install windows 2003 and windows 2000 on these servers.
On ALL servers we have warnings in system event log:
event id: 24683 source: CPQCISSE
"SCSI bus fault occurred on Storage Box box 0, , Port 0 of Array Controller in slot 4.
This may result in a "downshift" in transfer rate for one or more hard drives on the bus."

All software/firmware installed with last versions.
PSP version: 7.10
Smart Array 6400 Controller Driver for Windows 2000/Server 2003 -- version
Compaq Smart Array 6400 firmware version -- 2.34 A

Any ideas?

1) I already read
2) This message remind me
event id 11 from cpq32fs2 on old Proliant 1600 servers
"The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Scsi\cpq32fs22."

Thanks, Igor

Honored Contributor

Re: SCSI bus fault occurred on ML 370 G4

Hi Igor,

This problem is being investigated by HP and is caused by the HP Insight Diagnostics Edition for Windows (The replacement for the Survey utility etc.)

Here is the current statement on it.

HP Insight Diagnostics

Explain to the customer that it is a false error they can ignore the error. HP is currently working to a fix this issue.

If customer wants to stop this error to be logged in event log they can:

Uninstall HP Insight Diagnostics Online Edition for Windows by using Add/Remove Program in Control Panel


Change HP Insight Diagnostics service â Startup Typeâ from Automatic to Manual.


There is another workaround that can be implemented until we narrow down the root cause to fix the issue. There is a diagconfig.xml file that gets copied to the //compaq/hpdiags directory.

Change to

This will prevent the storage module from being loaded

This might help until the fix is available.


Andy Fordyce
Occasional Visitor

Re: SCSI bus fault occurred on ML 370 G4

I am experiencing the same errors on a DL560 attached to 2 x MSA 30 drive enclosures via a 6404 SCSI card. I have had four visits from a HP engineer with a multitude of replacement parts which still hasnâ t fixed this issue. If HP were aware of this issue why do they keep replacing par
Honored Contributor

Re: SCSI bus fault occurred on ML 370 G4


What parts did they replace?

They did the same for use by replacing the power supplies on the MSA30 and the errors seem to have gone away...
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Re: SCSI bus fault occurred on ML 370 G4


It is documented and should have been identified by the initial diagnosis team before the engineer became involved. The engineer may also have had the opportunity to check this on technical databases.

It depends how you registered the fault but if the details and error codes were the same as Igor's above then it should really have been seen. I was able to find this information fairly easily with Igor's details.


Andy Fordyce
Occasional Visitor

Re: SCSI bus fault occurred on ML 370 G4

They have replaced the following so far

6404 SCSI card Complete
2 x MSA 30 drive enclosures with dual IO module (Updated MSA 30 Firmware)
4 X Cables